Lost Faith In Big Banks (Like Wells Fargo)?

160908_EM_WellsFargoWith all the bad publicity surrounding the ongoing Wells Fargo bank scandal, business owners may feel a lack of trust in corporate banks and their ability to ensure financial fidelity, especially when it comes to credit card processing.

But what makes companies like Servistree so effective, is that we can offer you the same – if not better – service, without having to monitor thousands of employees who may be doing illegal things with your hard-earned money.

If you’re still not convinced, however, here are four things that set Servistree apart from what big banks like Wells Fargo offer when it comes to credit card processing.

1. Clear Description of the Merchant Services You Will Receive

Big banks such as Wells Fargo often fail to provide a clear description of the merchant services they offer to customers. For example, a bank may not reveal that they will outsource the payment processing to another company. That means that a third party is actually taking care of these services, not the bank.

And you may have no information or knowledge about that company to make a good decision about whether that is the right move for your business.

For example, that third party may charge an expensive early termination fee that you aren’t aware of, which can become an issue if you are dissatisfied with the services that are provided.

Servistree will always make sure you get the best contract terms possible for your business, and best of all, you will never pay a termination fee.

2. Products and Services

Credit card processing ran by big banks often skimps on the services you most need. Banks are focused on making money through investments, so they don’t really provide you with outstanding products and services in the credit card processing field.

In addition to credit card processing, does a bank offer iPad and Droid point of sale systems? Do they offer social media marketing, loyalty programs, web design or logo design services?

These are all specialty products and services that work hand in hand with your payment processing, and the brand awareness of your business. But don’t expect a big bank to understand those nuances. They just want to make money by offering the bare minimum.

3. Fee Structure

One of the most important aspects of credit card processing is knowing what fees you will pay, when you will pay them and what those fees get you. But you’ll notice that many big banks that offer payment-processing services don’t explain their rate structure, or how they arrived at their fees.

At Servistee, there are no hidden fees. We don’t play ‘gotcha’ with our clients, because we believe that knowing everything upfront creates the best working environment in the future. We will disclose all processing charges, and provide you with detailed explanations of how those fees will impact your bottom line.

4. Customer Service

Big banks specialize in treating customers like large groups of cattle that must be herded through a stall.

That often means that customer service is less than ideal, and that can mean reps who don’t have the answers to your questions, reps who are rude or seem disinterested, reps who are not patient with new customers, and reps who can’t offer you better terms on an existing contract.

A good account rep should work like a partner with your business, so that you feel confident and secure every time you deal with your merchant processor. Get in touch with us, and we will ensure that you are matched with a merchant account that meets or exceeds the unique needs of your company.

Join the Team

When it comes to credit card processing, specialization is the key to an effective business relationship. At Servistree, our niche is payment processing, so we can put all our focus toward ensuring that your business processes every type of payment possible, quickly and effectively.

If you are tired of the subpar credit card processing services offered by a big bank, contact us at 1-866-944-3244, or visit us online to learn more about how we can add value to your business.

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